12 Major and 12 Minor Arpeggios

  • Author: John Geraghty
  • Level: Beginner - Intermediate
  • Study time: 3+ hours
  • Video time: 16+ minutes
    • 6 Downloadable PDFs
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    What's included?

    • 98 Videos
    • 6 Downloadable PDFs (all arpeggios in music notation)
    • BONUS content

    Learn Pro Tips!

    Each video is played right and left hand separately, TWICE over one and two octaves, so you can see EXACTLY how to play each Arpeggio.

    Use them for Jazz  SOLOING. as chord shapes for POP and GOSPEL playing or in your favourite Einaudi / Mozart piece of music!

     A 30 year old practice tip that I still use with new students today!
     TOP 12 TIPS on how to play with PERFECT technique!
     Tips on what NOT to DO!

    Get up to Speed!

    Don't wait months to learn your Arpeggios. No need to struggle reading them all in a book or searching the web for one or two of them.

    Learn all 12 major and 12 minor Arpeggios FAST in this short video course.


      You'll learn how to increase the tempo from Grade 1-8 (ABRSM level) at LIGHTNING speed!


    Meet the instructor

    John Geraghty

    John Geraghty started piano at the age of a seventeen. He is a songwriter, composer, musician, music producer, author, teacher and entrepreneur. 

    His latest book Playing By Ear: A Songwriter's Way was featured in a 6-part series in issues 109-114: Aug 2019 — July 2020 of Pianist magazine.

    Piano courses: The Complete Classical Piano Course 
    Books:  Playing By Ear: A Songwriter's Way.

    John has also written a 6-part Jazz Improvisation course for Pianist magazine. 

    He also writes regularly for them too, having had three piano instrumentals appear in the magazine including Harry's Rag

    He's also worked as a pianist and producer in many rock, pop, and Jazz bands. He continues to create everyday, drinking around seven cups of coffee a day and has read all of the Jack Reacher books.
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